Thank you

Photo Credits

We would like to thank the following photographers for their amazing work and for sharing it on
Can you spot the theme in these photos?

  • Christopher Burns – The eye – Seeing is believing!
  • Marko Manojlovic – The Turntable – We love analogue, too.
  • Taylor Franz – The Coffee pour – You can’t beat a fresh coffee in the morning.
  • Julian Bock – The Ripples – It’s good to make ripples.
  • Alvaro Bernal – The Braun Watch – Do you like the work of Braun Designer Deiter Rams?
  • Markus Spiske – The Leica Camera – Good photography is important and so it a good camera!
  • Chris Lutke – The Cover – We think it’s a cover anyway. (We have a thing for circles, if you hadn’t guessed.)
  • Julian Hochgesang – The Laptop – It’s good to bring your work to life.