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Our story

Our journey began in 2002, when our founder started a “side hustle” with his friend and colleague Mark. Back then they called it Seedmedia. Mark went on to set up his own business, Hollyrock Design, and Damian continued with things in his spare time until March 2019, when he left agency life to focus on Alias Digital full time.

Damian James Alias Digital – Website Design and UX
Damian James – Founder

Damian James – Founder

Damian runs all our projects and manages our clients. His core skills are UX, UI and Web Design but he also does a bit of front end development. He’s like a hybrid techie and creative but he explains things in plain English. He also has a laser-focused eye for detail.

Throughout his career, he has delivered hundreds of successful digital projects for local businesses and global brands alike, including Amazon, Sky, Cadbury’s and Johnnie Walker. Check out Damian’s Linkedin page

In his own words

“My passion for Digital began at school, playing early game consoles, programming the BBC computer and ZX Spectrum and creating graphics and fonts with the first Apple Mac, which Mum bought for her business. I fell in love with design through music, magazines and visits to galleries and shows around the UK.

After qualifying as a Graphic Designer, I did a couple of local Design jobs before moving to London in 2000 where I’ve continued working in Design and Digital ever since. I always dreamed of starting my own business so I spent a good chunk of my spare time freelancing and fine tuning my skills.

I live in Hampton, South West London, with my wife and two daughters. When I’m not at my desk I enjoy listening to music, cycling, DIY, and watching crime dramas.

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter.”

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